Friday, April 21, 2023

2022 ACTIVITIES Thanks to the kindness of the Almighty and the support from our beloved donors we have done the following activities in 2022 1-FLOOD RELIEF IN SRI MUDA/OTHER AREAS Our Volunteers helped in aiding those in need from the Flooding at Sri Muda/Karak(Pahang)that happened in Dec2021 and also at Trolak(Perak)which happened in May 2022.Relief work went on from December 2021 to Mid January
2-Food Donation(Annathanam) 2 major events were done. One was in commemoration of the Saint Vallalar started the Dharmasala on the 23rd of May 1867 and another was to commemorate Saint Vallar's Avatar day on the 5th of October
3-Blood Donation Campaign was done at SJKT Sentosa Klang on the 5th Of November 2022
4-Education Aid Several students were given Chrome books and also books and stationery

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