Charity Projects
The main goal of our community programmes is to create opportunities for affected families to gradually develop their own capacity for personal and economic growth by initially assisting them with some basic needs. To this end capable families are vetted, given assistance and also inspired to regain their independence in the community through constant contact and urging by PKAM volunteers. 

While in receivership of PKAM's aid programmes families are made to live up to certain responsibilities. For instance, some families are only eligible for aid if their children remain schooling. In its years of service to the community there have been many success stories where basic aid has upgraded the life of families. These families serve as role models for siblings and other children in the community. They are also testaments to the benefit of charity well appropriated for the deserving. 

Over the years, PKAM has built a relationship of trust with many families.

Some of the Programmes that we carry out throughout the year are as below:
 1) Food Aid Programme
 2) Deepavali Hamper Programme
 3) School Going Transport Programme
 4) Education Aid Programme
 5) Tuition Fee Programme
 6) Sadhana Visionary Academy
 7) School Shoe / Attire Distribution Programme
 8) Volunteer Programme

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