Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sadhana Visionary Academy

In its dedication to uplift the disadvantaged youth in our community, PKAM has embarked on a bold and pioneer project to create a school for high-achieving but financially or otherwise challenged students. The students who benefit from the Academy’s full room, board and education scholarship are from Tamil schools. Students for SVA enrollment are selected based on their performance in the nation-wide UPSR (Malaysian Primary School Assessments) examinations or an equivalent assessment. SVA’s principal goal is to help such students maintain their academic excellence and help them achieve their professional dreams.

SVA has created a boarding facility to house the students. A live-in caregiver oversees the well-being of the students and to ensure that their daily needs are met. SVA runs an international school curriculum that is based on the national curriculums of Singapore, Malaysia and India. Through technological collaboration SVA’s curriculum and programmes are ratified and certified by a legitimate high school in the USA. SVA’s education programme also provides its students with hands-on values based learning, Hindu studies and service-oriented leadership. SVA was launched in January 2010 with an intake of four students from rural Tamil schools. As of the end of 2011 it has successfully completed two years of service and is now ready to increase its intake of students.

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